My Baltimore Book

My Baltimore Book aims to build the next generation of active, changemaking citizens in Baltimore by helping young people better understand their city and its history, creating space in classrooms to talk about social issues, and showcasing local leaders.

Through My Baltimore Book, students:

  • Build vocabulary & understanding of city & history
  • Analyze problems in their community
  • Imagine solutions
  • Develop action plans to make change happen

Inside the Book

  • Unit One: People

    Enduring Understanding:

    People make cities like Baltimore come alive.


    Population, Census, Population Growth, Refugees and Immigrants in Baltimore, Spotlight on Soccer Without Borders, Diversity, Desegregating Poly, Read’s Drugstore

  • Unit Two: Housing

    Enduring Understanding:

    All cities need to provide shelter for the people who live in them. Different cities have different kinds of housing available for residents.


    Formstone, Lead Poisoning, Vacants to Value, City vs. Suburb, Redlining, Blockbusting, Gentrification

  • Unit Three: Development

    Enduring Understanding:

    City planners and developers design cities and decide what gets built.


    Lessons from James Rouse, The Tourist Bubble, Be a Developer!, Zoning, Made in Baltimore, Why is Baltimore on the Water?, Historic Preservation

  • Unit Four: Health and Safety

    Enduring Understanding

    Cities should be places that help people live healthy and safe lives.


    Blue Lights, Baltimore Uprising, Baltimore Ceasefire, Recycling in the City, Chesapeake Bay, Mr. Trash Wheel, Trash in the Street Pollutes What You Eat!, Tree Baltimore, Lessons from Mr. Ross, Fresh Food in Baltimore, Community Farming, Spotlight on Strength To Love II Farm, Arabbers, Black Girls Cook, Baltimore Green Map, Climate Maryland, Energy Saver Checklist

  • Unit Five: Transportation

    Enruding Understanding:

    Transportation is the way people move from one place to another in cities.


    Public Transportation, Bikes, Streetcars, Stop the Road!

  • Unit Six: Government

    Enruding Understanding:

    A government helps keep people safe and healthy by creating laws and providing services for cities.


    Know Your leaders!, City Departments, City Council, Speak Up!, Spotlight on Baltimore Beyond Plastic, Write a Letter to the Mayor

  • Action Plan

    Enruding Understanding:

    An action plan is a way to take ideas and make them happen.


    Where I Live, Brainstorming, Ideas to Action, Project Checklist

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My Baltimore Book in Action

  • case-1

    3rd grade readers at Montebello Elementary

  • case-3

    Student reflections on recycling

  • case-4

    Mapping neighborhood resources at Vanguard Collegiate Middle School

  • case-5

    Students at Holabird build their own model city

  • case-6

    My Baltimore Book at Strong City Baltimore’s Adult Learning Center

  • case-7

    Recycling PSA by students at Henderson Hopkins

  • case-8

    Students at Lakeland during a neighborhood walk

  • case-9

    Comparing and contrasting city and suburb at Holabird

  • case-10

    Baltimore embroidery project at Franklin Square